Name: Legend
Price: 20.00 USD

Legend Rank


[Legend] prefix 
♦ Ability to use silk touch on spawners on spawners
♦ 3 maximum listings on the auction house (/ah).
♦ 5x set homes
♦ Colored chat
♦ Bypass chat cooldown
♦ BetterRTP cooldown
♦ Legend weekly kit


♦ Access to 2 PlayerVaults (/pv). - personal 6 row vault
♦ Permission to /enderchest. - open virtual enderchest
♦ Permission to /workbench. - open virtual crafting table
♦ Permission to /back. - teleport back to your last location
♦ Permission to /nick -change your nickname
♦ Permission to /realname - display name of another player
♦ Permission to use chat color /chatcolor gui - displays chat message any color

Kit Items:
Legend kit, weekly.